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Re-Connect Plus is on the cutting edge of electronic surveillance. This new wave of surveillance is the watchdog of the mo...

Our Strategy

The Re-Connect Plus solution comprises electronic monitoring through the clients own personal cellular phone.  The Re...

Our Mission

Our mission is to proactively provide access to emerging best practices in the electronic surveillance industry, so that w...

What does this app do?

This app was developed to assist in strengthening the location services for ex-offenders.  The development was encouraged by our ability to assist ex-offenders to obtain employment in the CDL field.  As you may know, many of these positions are over-the-road (OTR).  Due to the restrictions of probation and parole requirements, ex-offenders have been unable to capitalize on the over 4,000 open positions for OTR drivers.

The Re-Connect Plus app is a second-tier mechanism to...



Built in chat function

The chat function allows clients and employees to communicate with supervisors directly.  It also provides the ability to keep record of conversations. Direct messaging was designed for immediate response. It also provides time stamp capability for verification and accountability.


Built-in calendar for users

Built-in calendars provide probation and parole officers and employers with the ability to manage appointments, keep up with clients, and ensure good communication.


Initiates drug testing alerts and management

Alerts are imperative to remind clients of important court dates, probation meetings, testing, and other situations that require participation.  Probation and parole officers can load appointments and set up alerts through the calendar.